Creative Studio


Our in-house Creative Studio comprises multi-skilled designers, copywriters, producers and project managers who successfully join forces to ensure all acquisition and retention projects are given creative life and direction.

Working closely with the global and regional marketing teams, our studio produces top quality collateral for both the online and offline environments. Striving to stay ahead of the pack, we take every opportunity to improve our knowledge of the ever-changing arena of expertise, while always keeping the user’s experience in mind.



  • Customer Retention:Our team is a wonderful mix of characters with amazing skills. Here, we focus mainly on digital art, making use of Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign. We work closely with copywriters and brand marketers to set very high standards that are met on a daily basis.
  • Rich Media: This team is tasked with designing and creating motion and still graphics for broadcast and digital platforms, promos, campaigns and title sequences. For example, we concentrate on concept development from script and brief, storyboarding, complex illustration design (2D and 3D), and 2D and 3D motion graphics and animation utilising the Adobe CS Package (including After Effects and Illustrator), and Cinema 4D.
  • Web/UX: Our team specialises in building modern, attractive, effective and user-friendly interfaces. This discipline reaches across the board from responsive websites and landing pages to desktop and mobile apps. We also create engaging content such as infographics, animations, illustrations and other imagery required for our brands’ blogs and social media sites. We research and make use of a wide array of design tools and are constantly exploring new techniques and applications. Our methodology is constantly evolving, based on a foundation of solid business fundamentals, focused on strong SEO and UX, supported by the latest research and technology and finally packaged in a stylish and emotive presentation.


From websites to unique reviews, mailers, SMS communication, infographics, blog posts, articles and more, our copywriters research ideas and work on crafting well-written and informative content that speaks to our clients and customers. We work closely with producers, brand marketers and designers to brainstorm the message and creative, while meeting all deadline requirements along the way.


From project managing to trafficking creative requests (for both copy and design), supervising schedules, compiling monthly reporting with stats, arranging creative brainstorms and more, producers play an integral role in the running of the Creative Studio. We consolidate all information at the brief stage and ensure that high standards of output are met. In other words, we serve as a contact point between creatives and clients, making sure both sides are kept updated, informed and happy.


I moved to South Africa in 1993 where I fell in love with Cape Town! Before I started at DigiOutsource in 2006, I worked for various architectural and interior design studios through my own company as an architect, illustrator, 3D model artist, interior designer and, occasionally, graphic designer. While I was between projects, a friend of mine suggested that I apply for a graphic designer job, temporarily, at DigiOutsource. Years later, I’m still here and enjoying every moment. For the first 6 years I worked as a senior graphic designer, before applying for and getting the Head of Studio position. Today, I’m the leader of a 35-strong department that’s still growing because of the requirements of the company. With the full support of the business, we’ve been given access to the latest software and hardware, as well as the highest quality talents we could find, locally and internationally. Training has been provided whenever necessary, opening the doors for the team, and every individual in it, to grow professionally and personally. The quality of the work environment and the treatment we receive on a daily basis make us love what we do and enjoy our jobs. I’m still excited and inspired every day, knowing that we will be supported every step of the way. Here, I found everything I couldn’t find in any other company, even my own – passion, inspiration, constant innovation, cutting-edge technology, security, and most of all, an open and fair environment with a strong business logic and direction that has allowed me to grow myself and the people around me.
Working as the Copywriting Team Lead in the Creative Studio has given me exposure to all aspects of the business at DigiOutsource. Not only do I get to apply my writing skills across diverse platforms, but I get to interact with and learn from leaders in various fields of the industry. As a result, I’ve grown as a writer, developed as a leader and become one of the lucky individuals who looks forward to going to work every day.
I started working at DigiOutsource in the Creative Studio after running my own graphic design business. Within a short period of time, I was given the opportunity to lead a team of designers. DigiOutsource is constantly evolving – growth opportunities are always available! With gutspa, hard work and dedication, anything is possible. I now have the privilege of leading a group of extremely talented designers, as well as being part of a strong Creative Studio – the skills and expertise we offer are top class. The support, encouragement and people at DigiOutsource are priceless, and I can’t wait to see what the future holds.