Facility Management & Services


The Facility Management & Services department consists of two separate in-house teams that both work in the service delivery environment.



We are focused on the maintenance, repair and general upkeep of all DigiOutsource’s physical assets and equipment. Our professional team of electricians, repair people and general workers help develop, operate, maintain and manage the high quality facilities that form part of the Digi Campus. These assets include equipment such as the HVAC, office furniture, general appliances, generators and buildings. Our team members are dedicated and goal orientated problem solvers, who strive daily to deliver the best possible customer service to our staff.

The team practises both corrective maintenance and preventative maintenance tasks as required to reduce turnaround time and downtime for the business. The team also assists with space planning tasks, which ensures that our buildings all meet the required regulations and that staff have easy access to general facilities, such as printing stations, coffee stations, kitchens and meeting rooms. We also manage many projects and tasks that allow them to design and build creative solutions. We collectively provide a safe, healthy, reliable and productive work environment for our staff to operate in by managing and maintaining the DigiOutsource facilities.


Office Support is an in-house service team that focuses on service delivery, customer service and procurement. It comprises both front office services like the Service Centre, Health & Safety Officers, Baristas, Front of House Receptionists and general workers. The back office services consist of Storemen, Drivers, Office Assistants and IT Assistants. As a team, we work together to cater to all the business needs and requirements in order to create a comfortable and effective environment for our staff. It is our aim to provide a high quality in-house service, which leaves our customers (our staff) enabled, happy and content.

The Office Support team is always willing and able to assist where needed. As a support department, we deal with the following service providers: offsite parking, health and safety, security, canteen, catering and events, cleaning, shuttle services, pest control services, hygiene and many more. In-house services that we offer include: postal and delivery, stationery ordering, printing and binding, maintaining the coffee bar, organising Friday drinks, meeting room setups, catering and events, plus loads more. Our Office Support team consists of highly adaptable, qualified service delivery professionals, who work hard to ensure that all our clients’ needs are achieved.


I started working for DigiOutsource back in 2014 as the IT Support Manager. Within a year I had moved to the Facility Management Services department as the Facilities Manager to work in a completely new field. What made this an easy move for me was the fact that the company invests in all of its staff and truly wants each and every one of us to succeed. Here we are continuously presented with opportunities and tools to develop and grow, while it is up to us to use them to succeed. The company culture drives us to believe in setting ever-higher goals for ourselves. The reason I love my job is not only because of the support I receive from the company, or the awesome staff benefits, but rather because I’m allowed to make a difference for our staff. Each day brings new challenges that test us, and DigiOutsource gives me the tools and confidence to meet these challenges head on and find new and creative solutions to solve them.
I started at DigiOutsource as the Driver/Handyman. Coming from a completely different working environment, I wasn’t quite sure of what to expect. On the second day of induction, I heard the words, “All the tools and opportunities are here for you, all you need to do is work towards your goal”, which stuck with me and made me feel like I could accomplish anything. Since then I have grabbed every opportunity to learn and adapt, from becoming the Storeman, to 3 years later reaching one of my goals – to study and become the Health & Safety Officer. I am proud to say that through support from the company, I am able to create a safe working environment not just for my colleagues, but also for visitors to the company. DigiOutsource has exposed me to ever changing technologies and to a multitude of different cultures and people from all over the world.