As the Finance department, we deliver timeously to the senior management and shareholders of the organisation, to assist with their decision-making processes in driving the business.



Each member of the Finance department is carefully picked for their individual financial skills and team fit. Collectively, we possess a variety of abilities, qualifications and years of experience in the industry, accounting and statutory reporting. Given the volumes of transactions that the team is required to process on a monthly basis, there is great emphasis on good quality data and control account reconciliations.

The financial systems used to record and report on all financial data include Microsoft Dynamics, Cognos TM1, SharePoint, as well as a variety of tools and systems built in-house. The systems are constructed on a scalable enterprise data framework, which is able to handle extreme volumes of multi-currency data from a number of sources.

The Finance department works closely with the Business Intelligence department, who are responsible for processing the raw financial information received from various financial institutions to ensure data integrity. The information passes through to the finance team for processing. Multi-point exception handling ensures that the data is processed quickly, with a continuous drive for the reduction of manual inputs. Automated reconciliations have resulted in reduced query resolution times, as well as improved timing and quality of reporting.

We provide a variety of services to a number of International clients, as well as our South African entities including:

  • Top quality statutory and management reporting, substantiated by reconciliations to 3rd party data, in order to ensure accurate and useful information is provided for decision making
  • Segment reporting by region to determine profitable and non-profitable regions
  • Overview of the impact of marketing to determine its return on investment
  • Treasury management
  • Payroll administration


Like the rest of the organisation, the Finance department has a work hard, play hard attitude. Our department is constantly evolving with the business, providing a dynamic environment where people are continuously developing and finding solutions, as well as improved methods of work to cater for the changing environment.


I started here a few years ago and my experience thus far has been amazing. I have learnt and grown so much. Moreover, the people here are great to work with: very hard working, friendly and collaborative. The teamwork element is the best – it makes you feel like you’re part of a big, happy family. The culture is also fantastic. You get the feeling that the employer really does care about your well-being and happiness. We get a free meal on a daily basis with lots of variety, free cold drinks, free gym with personal trainers, a coffee bar where the proceeds go to charity…and so much more! We really are spoilt. Don’t get me wrong, we work very hard too. However, there is an amazing balance.
I was fortunate to join the DigiOutsource family in 2001. Years later, I am still grateful to be part of a company that considers the wellbeing of their staff to be paramount. I began my journey in the Finance department as a creditor’s clerk – after a few years I took on the role of bookkeeper. In 2006, I decided I wanted more and pursued a qualification in Financial Accounting, with the support and encouragement from family and colleagues. But my education goes beyond the degree I received. DigiOutsource has a dynamic environment where I have been exposed to great technology and programs. Over the years I have had the opportunity to work with and learn from some of the greatest minds in our business, both locally and abroad. And the learning never ends! Everyone is afforded an opportunity to write one’s own destiny – in this environment, dreams are nurtured and guided, while perseverance and determination are rewarded. I am honoured and truly privileged to be part of the DigiOutsource family.
It’s the best career move I ever made! Within 6 months of my joining DigiOutsource in 2004, I was promoted to a Risk and Fraud Analyst, working with a brilliant team to maintain our fraud rates at below 2%. The Risk and Fraud division was subsequently merged with the banking team to form MIMO, which is where I found my calling. Within 10 years I had worked as an E-Commerce Specialist, CBA Specialist, Deployments Lead, and am now a Payments Lead within the Finance department. The opportunity to absorb, grow, pass on knowledge and continue to learn never stops. I believe the daily interaction with people from all divisions within our organisation has taught me so much. I came from a very corporate sector, where interaction with managers or senior managers, DBAs and Dev was taboo. Here at DigiOutsource, you are allowed to express your opinion, bring about improvements to enhance systems, processes, working conditions and most importantly, customer experience. The fact that we have not lost sight of the above, is what truly sets us apart from other companies.