IT Infrastructure


The Infrastructure department, consisting of 60+ staff, supports a 24/7 organisation, managing in excess of 1850 users and 1400 endpoints. We maintain 7 globally dispersed Data Centres, have implemented a multi-layered support structure and pride ourselves in offering excellent customer service.

Our department is split into 8 focused teams, each one running independently with their own unique challenges and opportunities.



As the first line, 24/7/365 support unit, we are split into both day teams and shift teams, in order to rotate our support for the business both locally and internationally as the needs arise. We deploy Dell desktops running the latest versions of Windows, Microsoft Office, as well as numerous in-house applications that challenge our abilities to troubleshoot complicated software issues.

This team carries the responsibility for monitoring all of the applications deployed in DigiOutsource, receiving alerts via email or visually on the wall of TV screens within the NOC. Alerts are diagnosed and escalated according to escalation procedures.

Network Services Team

Our on-site Network Services team manages the deployment of all new network infrastructures, while maintaining all cabling to ensure a neat and error-free environment. We assist with the movement of users, as well as the setup of our numerous AV-enabled meeting rooms.


The newest addition to the IT Infrastructure department, the DevOps team believes in the culture of automating any task that requires repetition. We focus on supporting the Software Development teams and optimising deployment processes, testing and monitoring performance, constantly seeking new ways to reduce the time it takes to develop and deploy to a live environment. We work with many new technologies, including the likes of ElasticSearch, TeamCity, Docker and PowerShell to name a few.


The ServerCore team focuses on off-the-shelf software and hardware solutions that are deployed within our environment. Working in this team gives you the exposure to the latest cutting-edge hardware, including advanced all-flash storage arrays and high-end server clusters running Hyper-V or VMware virtualization technologies. We are mostly a Microsoft house and make use of large portions of the Microsoft stack, including Active Directory, Exchange, SharePoint, Skype for Business and Systems Centre.


We have the unique opportunity to support a complex global network environment, consisting of over 100 network devices. We design, deploy and support all our solutions in-house, giving us complete control using the cutting edge technologies from leading network suppliers. We also run our networks independent of any ISP, giving us the ability to truly achieve high levels of redundancy.


We value our information and take every means possible to protect it, which is why our highly skilled and focused InfoSec team employ 'best-in-class' technologies to analyse network traffic and alert the business to potential indicators of compromise. Furthermore, we develop in-house scripts to create our own unique data protection engine that monitors and actively prevents both data leakage and virus infection.


The core of DigiOutsource is data…BIG data. The DBA team focuses on ensuring our many Microsoft SQL Server environments remain optimally configured, responsive and highly available. We verify the integrity of the data being stored and ensure data is in the right location to facilitate the effective operation of the applications built on top of it. We push the boundaries of what is possible from tools like SQL Replication, and we leverage availability options like SQL Always On to ensure we can recover from any type of failure, including complete loss of storage. We have also recently started working with a NoSQL based solution, and have focused our skills on MongoDB, with dedicated specialists working on it.


As one would expect from an organisation as large as DigiOutsource, our needs for ensuring we have the right equipment in the right location at the right time, is essential to the success of the many projects we have on the go. Our in-house procurement team follows the set procurement policies, and ensures we always get the best price for the equipment we need.


I began my career at DigiOutsource as a BI Analyst. A few years later I needed a change of scenery and moved into the DBA department. Now, as a Senior Database Administrator, I am just as happy in my job as I was when I first made the move. DigiOutsource believes in the power of technology and we have the freedom to deploy the newest versions of products, while we manage a large collection of databases located around the world. The exposure I have received, since working at DigiOutsource as a junior DBA, has grown my skill set in a way that you do not find in many companies. The work is challenging on a daily basis and thinking out of the box is a requirement, which makes life as a Senior DBA extremely exciting and fulfilling. As a DBA and IT Infrastructure staff member, we have a direct role to play in making sure that servers are performing optimally. This helps the clients’ experience on our websites to be fast and seamless. Plus, it helps our customer service staff to assist our clients quickly and accurately. I love working at DigiOutsource because it’s a fast-paced environment that presents challenges every single day. The people here are fun, vibrant and intelligent, which makes for a very exciting place to be.
How does my work improve our client service? We investigate and deploy technological advances in the subset of technologies that support our operations in the back office and our client-facing infrastructure. In leading our Server Core team of System Administrators and System Engineers, together we are finding better and smarter ways of applying our computer resources, while utilising cutting-edge server infrastructure hardware and software solutions, as well as technologies to give our client base the best experience possible. Working here is an honour and a privilege, simply due to the proficiency of my colleagues and peers. Everyone pulls their weight. DigiOutsource deeply cares about their employees – you certainly are not just another number and your technical input is highly valued!