Brent’s 20 year milestone at Digi

21 July 2020

What brought you to Digi 20 years ago?

I was living in Port Elizabeth and working in construction to pay the bills. I was looking for a change and a career with better prospects, and from what I heard Digi sounded like a very good fit for me. A big bonus was that the company was based in Cape Town. My brother-in-law was working at what was then known as ForwardSlash, and he submitted my CV.

It was a bit of an unusual start. I received a phone call one Friday night from a trainer and he only asked me three questions: 1. Can you surf the net? 2. Can you send an email? And, 3. When can you start? That same weekend I got on the bus and the following Monday I started as a Customer Service Host.

Tell us about your Digi journey

The journey since my first day back in July 2000 has been very exciting! There is always something new on the horizon, which makes Digi ever evolving.

Right from the beginning customer service was a passion of mine. I was a Customer Service Host for about 4 years before becoming a Coach and then a Team Leader. I applied for a position as a trainer, which I was lucky enough to get, and I have not looked back since! I was the only trainer for a very long time. As the team grew, I was promoted to Service Manager in Technical Training.

Which has been your favourite role, and why?

I really enjoyed being a trainer. Being able to see the individuals you have trained grow and progress within the business is very exciting. Oral presentations were never my strong suit when I was in school, if someone told me that I was going to be standing in front of an audience to convey a message one day, I would have laughed it off!

I also really enjoy my current role, it’s very satisfying to feel that I have an impact on my team and their development. I am passionate about people development and this role allows me to play a part in it.

Tell us why, 20 years later, you are still working at Digi

I really enjoy the people I work with. They all have such a passion for what we do and they are one of the reasons I still love coming to work every day. Plus, Digi Bar Fridays!

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