Tips for Acing Your Next Interview

3 May 2024

If you’re on the job market, you’ll definitely need to go through an interview with your potential employer before getting an offer. Here are a few tips to help you prepare:

Research the Job Description, Company, and Interview Q&A Examples

This step is important for boosting your confidence during the interview. Not only will it better your understanding of the company and its requirements, but it will also enable you to articulate how your skills and background align with the role you’re pursuing.

Use the STAR Method for Competency Demonstration

Use the STAR (Situation, Task, Action, Result) to come up with an example to explain or demonstrate your skill. Have a look at the behaviors required on the job description and prepare real-life examples of when you had to exercise that behavior.

Embrace Honesty

Not knowing something is fine, being dishonest about not knowing something is not fine! Instead, give an example of the last time you learnt a new process, application, etc.

Address Areas of Improvement with Concrete Steps for Enhancement

Acknowledging areas for improvement is commendable. Share an example demonstrating the measures you’ve taken to improve a specific skill.

Keep Answers Concise yet Informative

We all get nervous in interviews and sometimes we have the tendency to ramble on. Try and keep your answers as short as possible but still highlighting the topic.

Compile a List of 2-3 Questions About the Job

Aside from you obtaining the relevant info, this will also show your interest in the company.

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