Celebrating 20 years with us at Digi: Fagrudeen Dollie

23 December 2021

Fagrudeen Dollie, a seasoned Digi family member, celebrates his 20th year at Digi. From finance to the risk and fraud department, and now in the digital learning team, Fagrugeen shares his story with us.

What brought you to Digi 20 years ago?
After completing a 4-year spell with Old Mutual I felt that I needed a new challenge. An acquaintance of mine told me about Digi and, way back in those days, it sounded really strange but also exciting. I hadn’t come across another company that does what Digi does. After putting forward my application for the position of a Finance Reconciliation clerk I was extremely lucky to receive the call for an interview.
Tell us about your Digi journey.
I would like to kick off with my interview as it was a day that I will never forget. My interview was scheduled for 3pm on a Friday afternoon with the department manager for the Client Finance team – bear in mind that this specific department closed at 4pm. The interview was intense to say the least and the interviewer had an extreme ‘poker face’ throughout which made it impossible for me to gauge how the interview was progressing. At the end of the interview, we get to the big question:
“So, when can you start?”
My response was “immediately”, not realizing that, at the time, immediately meant exactly that. At 3:30pm he walked me out of his office and sat me down at a vacant seat in the department, gave me a piece of paper and said: “These are your login details, and you may proceed to work. If you have any questions, feel free to chat to your colleagues but understand that they are leaving within the next half an hour.” I was dumbfounded…and so my career began.

I had spent just over 2 years in the Client Finance Department when I was approached to help in the Risk and Fraud department as they were short-staffed. This was my first experience with working shifts. The department was so intriguing to me that I ended up spending the next 12 years there. I have been extremely blessed to have had a variety of roles within it, with each role broadening my understanding of the scope of our business. Next was what we now call the ‘Learning and Development’ department. I started out as a training facilitator, and I am extremely grateful to currently be part of the Digital Learning Team. I have loved my career journey immensely. Reminiscing now over the past 20 years it is extremely difficult to choose a favourite role.
Tell us why, 20 years later, you are still working at Digi.
To me, Digi is a family. We started out very small but just look at what we have achieved. Imagine what Digi can achieve in the next 20 years.
Some might not call it one, but to me our Digi culture is a perk. When new Digi family members join you can see that initial shock on their face when they are exposed to our culture. This proves Digi is the best company to be working for!
I am extremely fortunate to work with so many intelligent, driven, and dedicated people. There are daily opportunities to learn new things. This team really loves what we do.
One of our founders once told me, “If you are unhappy in your role, it means that you are in the wrong role.”
The recipe is simple. Love what you do. Throughout my career I have loved every role I have had with Digi, and it has molded me into the person I am today.
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