iGaming copywriter Cobus Ebersohn celebrates 20 years with the Digi family

16 March 2022

Cobus Ebersohn opens up about his 2-decade journey with us.

What brought you to Digi 20 years ago?
When the Multichoice offices where I worked in Cape Town closed, Digi (then ForwardSlash) was a new company, and they were looking to hire CSC (Call Service Centre) agents from Multichoice. I first went on holiday to Ireland for a few months and then applied at Digi, hoping they still had vacancies. I was in luck!

Tell us about your Digi journey.
I started in the CSC and moved to Referback (the affiliate programme, now known as Buffalo Partners) a few years later. Thereafter I moved to the Copy Team in the Creative Studio and finally found my passion. I take something with me that I love from every department that I’ve worked in – from CSC to Creative Studio, but it’s the people that really made me enjoy every job that I’ve had so far.

Tell us why, 20 years later, you are still working at Digi.
I don’t take what Digi gives its employees for granted because I know it’s unlikely that I’ll find it anywhere else.

I was given very good advice a few years back: When you walk through the office doors, you are (your name) and you are a (your job title). Everything else you leave behind until you walk out of the building, so that you can be the best that you can be in your job, every day. I will take this wherever I go, and it works in different situations! Why am I still here 20 years later? I still learn things at least every week and there are always new things happening. I’m still excited when I wake up in the morning, and the company and its people keep me young at heart, something I wouldn’t trade for the world.